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Kildegaards Quinlan

Kildegaards Nina

Kildegaards Meghan

Kildegaards Epona

Stallion Show 20 March 2010

Stallion show 20 March 2010.

Fabio, Ramses and Carlos did well, Fabio in a strong class of 5, It was Fabio's first show, he was quite exited and did not move the way he can, but he was still second and also recieved a green rosett ( would make a future stallion).

Ramses looked well, could be deeper but  like his father and dam will he need some time to finish, but he will make a great stallion!, Ramses moved very well specially in the finals, Ramses also got a green rosett.

Carlos has now even he is only 4 , matured into a great stallion, I can only be very pleased with him, he lookes so much like his father Columbus, and some points even better.

Carlos had a good day, best cob, and reserve BIS to the well known and múch winning sec A stallion Fjordglimt Mr Carnival.

Also a big thanks to my daugther Kirsti for a great job grooming them and thanks to  her husband Allan for a great job  showing them, specially Ramses moved fantastic, not many can run so fast as Allan and show so well!

Thinks are looking so well for a great show year 2010!